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Vikram Boppudi (Vik) 
Sr. Strategic Advisor

An innovative leader who brings over 25 years of experience in various verticals that include healthcare, infrastructure, finance and insurance. Impeccable track record in delivering mission critical projects for several fortune 50 clients. A trained engineer, Vik also has a Masters in Computer Science and has been a certified program manager on multiple engagements representing Prime. Vik’s vision of moving from a services and solution provider to a product and platform organization is rapidly underway. His strategic partnerships with bleeding edge companies like 3RDi and Jitsuin are the epitomes of where the company is heading in the age of digital transformation. His deep relationship with behemoths like UHG, IBM and CTS are a clear testimony of the prowess of the leadership team.

Ashok Syal
Sr. Strategic Advisor, Mentor

Senior Business Executive with over 35 years of management experience in diverse industries and market segments within Office Equipment, IT consulting, engineering services, marketing and manufacturing environments. A graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Ashok is an accomplished visionary with domestic and international experience in operations, management, technology development, acquisitions, and strategic planning. Ashok’s accomplishment has included setting up and growing manufacturing and sales organizations in India, Japan and the Americas across the technology spectrum. He runs a flourishing company, Sumpraxis in USA focusing on Intellectual Property management, Management Consulting for new market penetration for companies in USA and EU. A passionate engineer with expertise in technology transfer, manufacturing migration and intellectual property. Ashok is frequently requested to speak at forums and alumni gatherings, to detail his experiences and thought leadership. He is recognized as an enabler. Ashok brings his global network, expertise in engineering and sourcing, and his pragmatic solution sense.

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