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When Prime Solutions was founded in 1997, our competitive advantage was offering innovative and high-quality services to our customers based on emerging technologies. These emerging technologies have since become corporate standards, and our experience working with these technologies allows us to deliver solutions to your business needs on time and within budget.

We offer a broad range of business and IT services that address the diverse needs of our customers, including: Planning & Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Application Development and Maintenance, Enterprise Application Integration, Data Management and Managed Services. We’re experts in a variety of domains, such as healthcare, insurance, financial, manufacturing and public sector.

Our product offerings are organized into our Services and Technology Consulting Practices.

  • Our Services Practice focus on providing full lifecycle implementation services and support
  • Our Technology Consulting Practice provides consultants withstrong functional & technical expertisewith various technologies, tools and platforms.

This model allows us to support our customers with the expertise that meets their specific needs, while allowing our employees to focus on their core competency and continue improving in their respective specialization.

Prime Solutions offers the following services:

Today’s ERP systems are critical and extremely complex. We have established strategic partnerships with Infor, Microsoft and Oracle

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Our team has extensive experience in performance management, financial reporting and BI, enabling you to achieve your implementation goals

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Our analytical culture combines industry, functional and technical expertise that provides insight and innovative solutions

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With the increasing complexity of corporate IT applications, we can help develop the repeatable lifecycle Quality Management Processes that are essential for delivering high-quality applications

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We have extensive experience across multiple technology platforms, including Microsoft, Java and Oracle

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Our Managed Services are designed to reduce your costs, improve the productivity of your staff, and ensure you are compliant

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EMM is a device-and platform-agnostic solution that centralizes the management, configuration and security of all devices in an organization, both bring your own (BYO) and corporate-owned devices

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