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Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy Rising consumption of oil products, declining crude production and low reserve accretion characterize the oil and gas industry. To thrive in this competitive marketplace, energy companies are forced to constantly re-evaluate their business and IT strategy. Organizations are now moving towards seeking optimal levels of operational efficiency and superior utilization of assets.

At Prime Solutions, we work with some of the largest oil and gas majors worldwide, focusing across the Energy Value Chain. With a combination of technology and domain expertise, backed by our vertical-focused Center of Excellence, we are able to define and deploy innovative, reliable and responsive solutions to achieve business objectives.

Client Challenges :

  • A single systemic view of information gathered across business Space and IT platforms is now a necessity
  • Large-scale mergers and acquisitions and enterprise-wide changes call for better flexibility and risk management
  • High input costs leading to reduced operating margins require organizations to increase operational efficiency
  • Ageing workforce and low knowledge retention
  • Ensuring safety, availability and security of Assets and Workforce

What Prime Solutions Provides
Prime Solutions offerings for the Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy vertical are based on our core strengths:

Delivery Excellence
Our collaborative, best-in-class framework of people, processes and infrastructure makes it possible for us to consistently ensure delivery excellence.

Solution Expeditors
Our Solutions Expeditors help clients achieve quicker outcomes. Our dedicated Centers of Excellence and Growth Engines focused on domain. technologies and offerings help us service our customers with innovative and responsive solutions tailored to meet their specific requirements.

Wide range of Offerings
We offer a unique bundle of services spanning Global Consulting, IT Services, Infrastructure Services, Engineering Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Business Value
Employing innovative and value added services, Prime Solutions helps Oil and Gas organizations become agile by leveraging:

  • Templates, accelerators, and reusable components
  • Virtualized assets to address industry-specific problems
  • Innovative framework for Enterprise Asset Management, Supply Chain Management, and Business Intelligence and Performance Management
  • Optimization and value enhancement tools for Enterprise Solutions
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