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Prime Solutions’s construction engineering and inspection (PEI) team delivers cost-conscious, comprehensive technical and construction management services to keep complex transportation and public works projects on schedule and within budget.

Prime Solution’s Construction Engineering and Inspection (PEI) team provides the technical expertise and strategic guidance required to lead major construction projects to highly successful outcomes. We have now integrated these services with our digital twin partner 3RDi’ state of the art platform in further improving efficiencies across the entire lifecycle of the construction project.

Professional Construction Engineering and Inspection services are the key to a successful construction project. Prime’s PEI team of certified engineers, inspectors, and contract support professionals resolve technical issues and deliver comprehensive and cost-conscious construction management services for transportation or public works projects.

We manage contract administration, monitor or perform field construction quality and material testing to ensure project materials and workmanship meet contract specifications. Our experience ranges from drainage and sewer projects to major interstate construction and reconstruction involving highways, bridges, and complex interchanges.

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